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I officially welcome myself to the 21st century. Yesterday was a bittersweet day in the Baker house. I have long been a fan of Direct tv simply because it offers the MLB package which enables me to watch the Cubs more. Yesterday we switched to Embark because we already have our internet and phone through them so we figured a bundle deal would be much more cost effective. First off let me say, I don’t watch nearly as much tv as I used to. I have made a committment to read much more in 2009 which has significantly cut down on the amount of tv that I watch. This past Saturday, I turned the tv on at around 6 oclock pm and realized that was the first time the tv had been on all day in our house and I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself. Having the tv on seems to be kind of a habit even if there is nothing on to watch. I am happy to say that is no longer the case. I do however, still have a few shows on tv that I watch whenever I get the chance. Obviously, when baseball season comes around I will watch the Cubs as often as I get the chance. I am also a huge fan of the shows lost and 24. Last night, 24 was on and I got to watch it utilizing DVR which we have with our new satellite system. WOW! I cannot believe we waited this long to get DVR. For those of you that don’t know, DVR is a device that allows you to recored tv programs without the use of a vcr/dvd player as well as pause live tv. If you are watching a program and get interrupted by the phone or your 6 month old daughter that is supposed to be sleeping, you can simply pause the program and catch up during the commercials. My life will never be the same again. Ok, maybe that is overstating the importance and need for DVR just a tad. Have you ever wished you could push the pause button on your life? I don’t know about you but life especially now that I am married and have a child seems to be flying by. This June, my wife and I will celebrate being married for 5 years. My daughter will be 1 year old in just 6 months. I know that down the line when my wife and I have more kids and more responsibilities and pressures, this will only accelerate. I remember as a kid being so impatient for the next stage of life. When I was in jr. high I couldn’t wait for high school. As a highschooler, college seemed like it couldn’t come fast enough. When in college, I longed to join the work force and so on. I encourage you to enjoy the season of life that you currently are in. Don’t be in to much of a hurry to get to that “next place” in your life. While you may be facing problems and difficulty at this stage in your life, I can assure you that life doesn’t get any easier with the advancement of time. As the old addage says, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.” While that may seem a bit overwhelming, we are encouraged by the words of Jesus in Matthew 11:30 when He says “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Take a few minutes today to press the pause button in your life and thank God for the wonderful gift that He has given us called life.

With Expectancy!


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