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Today was an important day in the history of our nation. Today, we witnessed as Barack Obama became the 44th president of the country that we love and cherish so much. I have been anticipating watching this event for quite some time. It seems as though more hype and attention has gone into this election than in any other that I can remember in recent memory. When I turned on the news at 7:00 this morning, NBC was showing pictures of scores of people lining up to witness the inaguragtion that was still 4 hours away from starting. I watched as these people huddled together, freezing and trying to protect themselves from the elements. I actually know personally several people who were in attendance and what a site that must have been. I knew that the actual inauguration was going to begin around 11:00 am or so so I got online to see if I could watch live coverage which I discovered that I was one of millions of others who had a similair idea. I’m sure the internet companies were jammed during this time as millions gathered around office internet work stations to witness history in the making. As a pastor, I try not to get involved in politics to much. I believe it is my job to tell people about Jesus and that is what I focus the majority of my energy on. While I can say that I certainly do not agree with Barack Obama on all of his policies and positions I respect his office higly and will pray for him often. As I watched the inauguartion today, I was greatly encouraged by the civility of the process of electing a new leader. In a world that is filled with turmoil and disagreement on just about everything there is to disagree about, it is great to see that for at least one day we can put our differences aside and focus on what is best for us as a country. There is no doubt that our country faces significant challenges in it’s future. We need a leader filled with the wisdom of God to help us navigate through the potential murky waters that lie ahead. I pray Barack Obama is that man. Let us continue to uplift our leaders of this great nation with the understanding that no person advances to any form of leadership except through the hands of a sovereign God. I pray God’s richest blessings on our newly elected president and for this great country that I get the chance to call home.

With Expectancy!


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