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New Years Resolutions
Posted: Jan 6, 2009 in goals, new years resolution, vision | 1 Comment |

A few days ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to my wife while she was looking through the ad’s in the paper. I am not much of a newspaper guy. My internet home page is the Chicago Sun Times but I have to admit that I follow it mainly because of my interest in the Chicago Sports Teams (Bears and Cubs.) As Julie was going through the advertisements, we were both stunned at the amount of workout equipment that was being advertised. Not only that, there was also an abudance of health foods being advertised as well as running shoes. There seems to be a renewed enthusiasm amongst people to get in shape and eat right. I have never been one to diet much. I probably do need to watch what I eat more but that is another issue. New Years seems to be the time to start fresh. I imagine gym memberships are at an all time high in January. Health Food stores probably have long lines and crowded aisles filled with people trying to eat right. Sadly, the enthusiasm for most generally fades after the first month or so. Not because the intention is bad, simply because taking the path of least resistance is a challenge. Nobody wants to wake up when it is dark out and go to a gym when it is still dark out. Sometimes, going through the drivethrough at McDonald’s is just plain easier than fixing the salad and baked potato. Making commitments is never an easy thing to do. I know there are many “new years resolutions” that I have made in the past that have fizzled along the way. While I wish I and others would stick to the commitments made at the beginning of the year, I do respect a person who is willing to try. I have heard several people in the past few days slam others for attempting a new years resolution that they know they won’t keep. “Why attempt something you know you aren’t going to finish….” is a pretty common line. My response to that is summed up best by a sign i saw in a friends office yesterday. It read…”you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I respect a person who is willing to make an attempt towards making their lives better. Have you made any goals for yourself for this new year??? If not, why? Push Yourself. Buy the running shoes, read the book, turn off the t.v. get the gym membership. Make it your goal to push yourself this next year. I personally have made it my goal to read at least one book every week this next year. What are your goals? If you haven’t thought about that yet for this year, go for it!

With Expectancy!


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