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I don’t know about you, but I seem make a fool out of myself almost on a daily basis. I remember not to long ago I was in the Fort Myers airport waiting in baggage claim for what seemed like an eternity. What is it with that? Anyway, as the bags started to come out, I noticed a bag that was literally a trash bag with some duct tape holding it together. That was somebody’s suitcase. I leaned over to Julie and said, “Can you believe that somebody would actually travel with that?” Sure enough, the person next to me leaned over, grabbed the “suitcase” and walked away. I felt terrible! Julie gave me the look which implied, “Corey, what in the world is your problem.”

I remember something that happened to a friend of mine several years ago at a youth convention. Reggie Dabbs was speaking and we were doing dramas with him. At the close of the service, Reggie called us forward to pray with students as they responed to the alter call. As was the norm at these ralley’s, the alters were packed with students so much so that there were way more students than there were alter workers. Normally we liked to pray with students one on one but the shear volume of people that responded made that extremely difficult. We began to lay our hands on the shoulders of the students as they knelt in prayer. We would pray for them for a few moments and then move on to the next person. One of my friends who will remain nameless was praying and happened to begin praying for a student. He began to pray prayers like, “Dear Lord make him a man of God. Thank you for making him a man after your own heart. I pray for his future wife that she would be a godly woman,” and so forth. After his prayer, the individual he as praying for turned to him with a look of despair and said, “I’m a girl.” There is no recovering from that. He felt terrible.

Have you ever had an experience like that? I know that my life seems to be littered with those moments. A gentleman whom I respect greatly gave me some great advice several years ago. He said, “Corey, if you are going to be successful in this life, you need to learn how to not take yourself so seriously.”

That was a breakthrough moment for me. I used to be so critical of myself and still am from time to time. We need to learn how to not take ourselves so seriously all the time. I’m all for setting high expectations for myself but at the end of the day, if I can lay my head on my pillow and know that I did my best, that is good enough for me. There have been times that I have literraly fallen asleep laughing over something I may have done earlier that day. Most of the time because of me putting my foot in my mouth unfortunately :) . I am sure that there are times that God looks down at us from heaven from time to time and chuckles at some of the things we do. I firmly believe that sometimes the most spiritual thing that we can do is laugh at ourselves.

With Expectancy!


2 Responses to “Seriously?”

  1. Julsbaker says:

    Addie must have known what you were going to write about today. Here are today’s events: peed on the carpet, refused to put another diaper on, projectile vomiting at a restaurant all over mommy’s clothes, and tossed every item on the table at the restaurant on the floor – including a basket of fries! Hopefully we can look back and laugh at these things :)

  2. Howard says:

    True story: After attending a Sunday service at our home church in Denver, the congregation was dismissed and we proceeded to our cars. In my opinion, the senior pastor “phoned in” that Sunday’s message. As Linda and I were walking to our car, I leaned over to her and softly said, “That was not one of Pastor Vanbeaverhouts’ better messages. I would have stayed home if I knew he was going to bring a tired sermon like that!”

    Within 60 seconds, a woman that neither Linda nor I knew came up to us out of nowhere and said, “Oh my goodness! That was the BEST sermon I’ve ever heard” and walked away with the joy of the Lord emanating out of her. It was almost like she was walking on air. Right then, I could feel the Spirit of the Lord say to me, “In your face Howard!!” From that day, I’ve never complained about a sermon from a man or woman of God.

    PS. The name of the pastor was changed, not to protect the innocent, but to keep me out of trouble.

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