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The Desert
Posted: Mar 3, 2009 in Uncategorized | 1 Comment |

I have never really been a fan of the Southwestern United States. I have done quite a bit of travelling mostly during my time with Master’s Commission. During those travels, I have visited Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Texas, and Wyoming. Don’t get me wrong. I think this is a beautiful part of the world with the mountains and landscape. I have seen the Grand Canyon, hiked through Moab Utah, climbed the Rocky Mountains in Denver, and gone white water rafting down the Colorado river. One thing you should probably know about me is that I am not much of a nature guy. I know some people who would be beside themselves just to get to do one of the things one the list previously mentioned. One of the main reasons why I don’t care for the Southwest very much is that it just seems like one big desert. For example, if you go to Phoenix, Arizona and other major Southwest cities, most people’s front yards consist of gravel. No grass, just rocks. While I do enjoy the occasional visit to this part of the United States, I could honestly never see myself living there. I understand I am probably in the minority here. I have some very close friends who adore the west and couldn’t see themselves being anywhere else. One of the reasons many people enjoy the west is that it seems as though there is just something about being in that environment that helps a person rediscover who they are. When you stand on top of a mountain or stare into the vast caverns of the Grand Canyon, it’s amazing how the stresses of life seem to not be as big of a deal. A read a quote recently that says, “sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a desert. And sometimes, in the middle of a desert, you find yourself.”

Are you in a desert today? Do you feel that you are all alone and that the world seems to have forgotten about you? Although I would not prefer to live in the Southwest, some of the most amazing conversations that I have had with God have happened while I am there. I specifically remember a time about 8 years ago that I spent all day by myself hiking through several mountains in Phoenix, Arizona. I was going through a difficult time in my life and I was searching for answers. Just as the spirit of God led Jesus into the wilderness for 40 days, so was the case with me during this season. I was in a spiritual desert searching. I remember like it was yesterday sitting on top of that mountain in Phoenix when a peace came over my soul unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It was as if God was saying, “Corey, I have not forgotten about you. I know where you are and I have an incredible plan for your life.” God helped me find myself in the middle of the “desert” that day.

If you find yourself in the middle of a desert today, cling as close to the heart of God as you possibly can. I cannot promise you how long you will be in the desert, but I can promise you that if you hold onto Jesus, He will help you find yourself in the midst of it.

With Expectancy!

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  1. Jason Maupin says:

    I will pray for you my friend! Arizona is the promise land!!

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