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Is there a person alive who actually likes going to the doctor to get shots? I don’t know what it is about getting shots. To be honest, shots really don’t hurt that bad. I think the anticipation leading up to the shot is worse than the shot itself. I remember having to get several shots for a missions trip that I was going on to the country of Nepal. I had to get 3 shots in each arm. I literally couldn’t raise my arms for several hours. Of course getting those shots is better than the alternative…..getting malaria.

I was reminded of this the last few days because my daughter went in today to get her 1 year old shots. To be honest with you, I can’t go with my daughter to watch her get shots. Julie is much braver than me. The first time I went with Addison I literally turned around. I couldn’t watch. The thought of Addison laying there peaceful and innocent one moment and then writhing in pain the next was too much for me. As that shot went into her little leg, she began to scream as if she was experiencing the worst pain ever imaginable. Yet Julie and I, as her parents, not only take her to the doctor but also pay money to make sure she gets those shots. Why in the world would we do that? Because we know that a little pain is necessary to keep her safe from things that could be far more devastating to her.

You know God does the same thing with us. Sometimes we go through difficult times in our life and we say, “God, why do I have to go through this?” It’s like my daughter asking, “Dad, why can’t I just stay home and forget the shots?” I, however, as her dad, know something she doesn’t know. I know those shots will help keep her healthy….she does not. God knows the ultimate plan for our lives….sometimes it is easy for us to forget that. I am reminded of the verse in Lamentations 3:22 which says, “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.” God loves us more than we can know and though we may be experiencing pain now, we know that God is with us and will use those opportunities to make us better.

That doesn’t change the fact that getting a shot doesn’t hurt. It does and so do the circumstances that we face on a daily basis. The pain from the shots doesn’t last forever. After a few minutes of being held by mom, Addison’s tears fade away. If you are going through some pain in your life, draw close to the heart of the father and He will help you through the difficult road.

With Expectancy!


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