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Born to be Wild
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During the late 1960′s, the song “Born to be Wild” burst onto the scene. I have always enjoyed this song. Now to be perfectly honest with you, I do not know the actual meaning of this song. In fact if the song was from the late 1960′s, there is a pretty good chance the song means something different than I think it does. But nevertheless, I enjoy the concept of the song. You and I truly were born to be wild.

There was a study done in recent years that said as people get older, their sense of adventure begins to diminish. Remember when you were young? It seems as if all of us had some crazy idea or passion that caused us to daydream and wonder. I remember when i was 15 years old, my dad took me white water rafting on the Colorado River in Denver. Talk about adventure! I got tossed out of that boat quicker than ice melts on the sidewalk on a summer day in Florida! And you know what else….it was an absolute blast! I remember as a young child I had a horrendous fear of roller coasters. I most likely developed this because I was (and still am) petrified of heights. I remember the first roller coaster I ever went on at Six Flags in Chicago, Illinois interestingly enough called “the demon.” I was as white as a ghost when I got onto that coaster. My friends literally forced me against my will to get on that ride. On the way up the slope to the free fall, I thought I was going to throw up. Then, the cart began to fall and after that stomach turning feeling that only roller coasters can provide was over, I began to relax. As soon as that ride was finished, I wanted to go again. I was hooked.

Do you have a sense for adventure? This thing that we call life is the greatest adventure of them all. Do you want to live your life on the sidlines watching life pass you by or do you have a sense of adventure that drives you to experience everything God has for you during your time here on Earth? Take a few minutes today to thank God for the miracle of life and then make a commitment to force yourself this week to do something that you normally would’t do. Here is a suggestion….talk to that person at work or school or down the street from you about Christ. There is no greater adventure than that. :)

With Expectancy!


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