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For the Birds
Posted: Oct 5, 2009 in Uncategorized | No Comments |

I know that I have a lot of pet peeves. This past weekend, First Assembly in Fort Myers did a presentation about Noah and the Arc. They had tons of animals including lots of birds. This is where the whole pet peeve thing comes into play. I strongly dislike birds. Yesterday was just another reason why. As I am doing the alter call, a white bird (no idea what kind it was) took off from the platform, flew right next to my FACE and landed in the front row. To say that I was startled would be the understatement of the century. After the initial shock, I recovered to proceed with the alter call and all was well.

I remember several years ago I had a bout with a nest of birds at our church. There was a branch that was covering the door heading into the office and it needed to be cut down. What we didn’t know was that in that branch was a nest of birds who were none to happy that we demolished their home. For about the next 2 weeks after that, these birds were in attack mode! I remember several times walking into the sanctuary and being attacked by these killer demonic birds. They always seemed to come after me. They would swoop down, peck you in the back of the head and make a horrible shrieking sound.

From that day forward, I had a strong dislike of birds. Now I know that God created birds and that they serve a purpose and that tons of people all over the planet love them…..but I am not one of them. Yesterday’s incident, however reminded me that even though I am not a big fan of birds, God likes them a lot. He created all the birds and they must bring him a tremendous amount of joy. Yet as much joy as the birds bring to Him, you bring him even more. I am reminded of the old song that says,

“(I) I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me”

God loves you and knows what you are going through. There isn’t a bird that falls from the sky that He doesn’t know about. He knows what you are going through and cares about you more than you can imagine. So the next time you see a bird flying through the sky, I hope it reminds you how crazy God is about you. And the next time I see a bird, I will be reminded about the many times they have attacked me and sent me into a state of panic.

With Expectancy!


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