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proud daddy
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This is such a fun stage for being a dad. Recently, Addison has been learning a TON of stuff. Unfortunately for me, Addison said her first legible word while I was away in Israel. Her first word was apple. I was really impressed to hear that after she said apple, she said “Hello I’m a mac.” Ok maybe she isn’t that advanced yet. Today, I went home for lunch and Addison came running to the door. Julie told me to ask Addison where her nose was and she pointed to her nose. She asked her where her eyes where and she pointed to her eyes. I know that seems like such a simple thing but I can’t explain to you how proud I was at that moment. To watch your child grow and learn right before your eyes is truly an overwhelming thing. I know that those of you that have kids probably can relate. The mind of a child at that age is truly amazing. Their capabilities to learn are impressive to say the least. Addison, right now, is forming a personality that she will have for the rest of her life. As a parent, that keeps me on my knees every single day knowing that I am responsible for the training of another life. Wow!

As I was driving to work today after visiting home for lunch, I was such a proud daddy. On the way in, God’s still small voice spoke to me and said,

“You know how proud you are of Addison for learning and growing. That is the way that I feel about you as you learn and grow and draw closer to me.”

Think about it. Every time you make a right decision. Every time you say no to sin. Every time you do the right thing. God, your Heavenly father looks down from Heaven with the biggest smile on His face. Why? Because He is a proud daddy. Because His son or daughter is learning, growing and becoming the person that He has created them to be. Addison longs to make her parents proud. So we long to make our heavenly father proud. At the end of the day, my goal is to go to bed, lay my head on my pillow, and know that my heavenly father is proud of the way that I lived my life for that day. There is no better feeling than that. When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, what is God going to think about how you lived your life today? Make Him proud.

With Expectancy!


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