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Dance me Daddy
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My daughter loves to read books. Actually, let me rephrase that. She doesn’t so much read the books as she does flip through the pages really fast and point at the pictures. There have been a few casualties as well as she has been a tad to aggressive with pages and ripped some of the pages of her favorite books. At the end of the day, Addison loves to sit on either mine or Julie’s lap and read through a few books before she goes to bed.

A few months ago, my dad got a hold of this children’s book called, “Dance Me Daddy.” It is a book based off of song that the Christian music group Point of Grace sings. The book is about a father who watches his daughter grow from a little girl up to the point of her wedding day. It says that though some things may change as the little girl grew up, she still cherished the times that she was able to dance with her daddy. The book closes with the father dancing with his daughter on her wedding day.

Now to be completely honest with you, I don’t like reading this book very much. It reminds me of the inevitable. Some day, Addison is going to grow up, meet a boy, and move away. And while I want my daughter to get the chance to experience all of those things, it still brings a tear to my eye to think about it. My daughter Addison, however, absolutely loves that book. I haven’t quite yet figured out why but Addison seems to light up like a Christmas tree every time I come home from work. Every day when I come home, Addison is waiting there for me. Most days, she will be holding the Dance me Daddy book in her hands as soon as I walk through the door. She will grab my hand, lead me to the chair in her room, climb up into my lap as together, we read that book one more time.

I can’t help but think that is the way that God wants our relationship with Him to be like. He wants us to be like that little girl who can’t wait for her daddy to come home. And when he does, to tell him all about her day and to share secrets with him that nobody else knows. Your heavenly father longs to have a relationship with you like that. He loves you so much and wants to be involved in your life. The question is……do we want the same thing in return.

When I come home every day, it doesn’t matter what is stressing me out. It doesn’t matter what went wrong that day. It doesn’t matter how disappointed or tired I might be. What does matter is that there is a little girl who wants nothing more than to spend a few minutes sitting in the lap of her daddy. I hope that you take some time today to spend some time with your heavenly daddy. I know that He will be waiting with open arms.

With Expectancy!


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