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Who let the dogs out
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I have a Christmas tradition. Each morning, before everyone else wakes up, I try to wake up to spend some time with God. I usually get in the car and go for a drive while listening to worship music of some kind. The goal of the drive is simple……to thank God for all of the incredible things He has done in my life for the previous year. I want to make sure that before the festivities of Christmas begin that I spend a few minutes alone with Jesus thanking Him for coming to this world 2,000 years ago to die for me.

One such Christmas morning about 10 years ago, I had an experience that I will never forget. At that time, I lived in Illinois in a very small town. During my morning drive on Christmas Day, I was driving out in the middle of nowhere. It is not difficult to drive out in the middle of nowhere in Northern Illinois. Aside from Chicago, there is not much there. While driving, I noticed two white huskies that were running down the road followed shortly after by a woman with 2 leashes in her hands. To be honest, I passed by her and thought, “man it must really stink to be her right now. It is so cold outside and she is spending Christmas morning chasing her dogs through the middle of nowhere.” After thinking this, I continued driving and spending time with God. It took about 1 more mile of me driving down the road for that still small voice that sounded a lot like God which said to me, “Uh, Corey, what are you doing?”

My response…..”I’m spending time with you God.” God said, “Spend time with me by helping that woman get her dogs back.” That thought honestly didn’t cross my mind when I first passed by that woman. I felt sorry for her for sure…..but not sorry enough to do something about it. I turned the car around, went back and helped that lady chase down her dogs. Her response…..”Thank you so much! If you wouldn’t have helped, I have no idea how long it would have taken me to catch those dogs.” I’m glad on that occasion I was able to share the love of Christ with a woman whose morning didn’t exactly go according to plan. I have no idea how many cars drove by that woman and saw her chasing her dogs but I do know one who almost did. I’m so thankful for 2nd chances and that still small voice of God that still speaks to us today. This Christmas season, I pray that God would help you be a blessing to someone whose “dogs have been let out.”

With Expectancy!


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