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Home and Garden
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Julie and I have very different ideas about what the definition of a good t.v. show is. Julie could sit and watch H/G t.v. for hours on end while I can watch H/G t.v for approximately 13.5 seconds before wanting to change the channel. On the other hand, I could watch an entire baseball game, commercials and all without moving 1 centimeter for 3 hours with no issue whatsoever. Mainly, that is because her and I have vastly different interests when it comes to recreational activity.

Julie loves watching the shows about homes that have been remodeled and redecorated. She also gets magazines about everything from decorating houses to what kinds of herbs and spices go best with which kind of meals. My magazines tell me which team is most likely to win the super bowl. However, being the good husband that I am, (insert smiley face here) I have on occasion watched a few of “her” shows with her. I always am impressed with the time and effort people put into their respective homes on these shows. I remember being on missions trips in 3rd world countries in which while there may be tons of garbage and pollution on the outside of the home, the inside is spick and span. Why? Because each of us greatly value that which is ours. Our parents taught us that right? If we purchase something with our own money, we are 10 times more likely to take care of it than if it was just gifted to us.

Growing up, my parents kept a little garden in the front of the house. My mom liked to plant flowers and the like and it really did look very nice. That is until one day when my brothers and I decided to play a game that involved us jumping out of the front window which was one story high and landing on the plants my mom worked so hard to grow. Not one of my better decisions as the oldest brother. I am still sorry for that to this day.

This whole thought concept about homes and gardens got me thinking about a passage of scripture in I Kings. This particular verse takes place during the reign of Solomon. Solomon, for the first part of his reign at least, was extremely devoted to God. Because of this, the entire nation prospered greatly. Israel was at peace with all it’s enemies and the favor of God rested on His chosen people. The promise of God has always been, if we seek after Him first, He will take care of us. Listen to what this verse says in I Kings about the status of Israel during the first part of Solomon’s reign. We find the verse in I Kings 4 verse 25.

“During the lifetime of Solomon, all of Judah and Israel lived in peace and safety. And from Dan in the north to Beersheba in the south, each family had its own home and garden.”

Yep….you read correctly, each of the families in Israel and Judah, because of the wisdom and obedience of Solomon, had their own homes and gardens. Wow! Can you imagine if that were the case in the United States today????? Tragically, it didn’t stay that way for the Israelites. They began to follow other gods, and all that which they worked so hard for began to crumble before their very eyes. I believe the principle of this rings so true for us today and can best be summarized by a very popular passage in Psalm 37:4.

“Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

I don’t believe in the prosperity gospel. I think that adding any adjective to the gospel distorts the gospel. The gospel is the gospel period. That being said, I do believe that God honors those whose hearts are truly to honor Him with all of their life. The catch is that God will honor us the way that He wants to not the way that we think we deserve.

With Expectancy!


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