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I know what you are thinking. The subject line for this blog must be some sort of mistake. What in the world is a BHAG? I am so glad that you asked! I like to read as much as I can. I especially like to read books that challenge the way that I think. In Jim Collin’s book, “Built to Last,” (great read by the way) he tells us exactly what a BHAG is. BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I love that description. I have come to realize that we need more BHAG’s in our lives. Sure….we all have goals. We want to lose a few pounds, eat a little healthier, save a little more money and spend more quality time with the kids. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those goals in fact, I highly encourage each of them.

Each of us needs to establish in our lives goals that we can accomplish. I am all for realistic expectations and giving ourselves a fair chance of meeting each of our goals. However, for each of us, a BHAG is necessary. Each of us needs a goal that is absolutely, possitivey and unequivacly impossible for us to accomplish. Why have a goal that is impossible for us to accomplish? Because that, my friends is where faith comes into play. Pursuing a BHAG will keep you close to the heart of God. BHAG’s will force you to say, “God….if you don’t show up I am toast.” God loves to work in situations like that. He longs to be your only option. He wants to be the only solution.

I love studying great leaders who have made a significant difference for the Kingdom of God. Each of them has had a BHAG. Whether it is bringing fresh water to each person on the planet or placing a Bible in the hands of every people group, there are people in this movement that we call Christianity today that have some Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goals. And I want to be one of them. Can I give you an insight into one of my BHAG’s? I want to see First Assembly West minister every week at our services to 10% of our city. With 160,000 plus residents in Cape Coral, 10% would meen 16,000 people every week. Crazy? Yes! Possible for me to do on my own? Absolutely not! BHAG? You betcha. I am all about dreaming for the impossible because I serve a God that is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than I can even hope or imagine.

What is your BHAG? If you don’t have one yet, I strongly suggest setting one.

With Expectancy!


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