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outsmarting ourselves
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Our minds are truly amazing things. Think about all of the useless trivia we can spout off at the drop of a hat. We remember lines from TV shows, movies and commercials without any measure of difficulty. When scientists revealed that each person uses on average only 10% of their brain power, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. That seems to be a bit low. If our brains only function at 10% of their capabilities, then it stands to reason we are capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for. Most people that live in the United States of America dislike at least one thing about themselves. We don’t like our appearance. We are too heavy. We don’t make enough money. We eat the wrong food. The list goes on and on. In spite of the fact that the list of things we dislike about ourselves seems to be growing, most people’s resolve to change and do something about those things remain the same. Most people don’t change things they want to about themselves because quite simply, they don’t know how. It seems way to overwhelming to lose 50 pounds or only eat salad or shed $20,000 from our yearly budgets.

As Christians, we serve a God who wants to help us change. He is constantly trying to lead us closer and closer to Him because He knows that He is the best solution. So many times we ask God for things that He has already given us the answer to. God can’t lose weight for us. He can’t force us to eat better. He can’t remove all temptation from your life so that you will never have the urge to sin again. But He can renew our minds to help us be more and more like Christ every day.

I wanted to start working out for quite a while. I don’t like going to the gym. I personally think they smell weird. I am not a big fan of running. My max on the bench press is about 43 pounds. I have found however that I like to bike ride. So I purchased a bike and have been disciplining myself to wake up early several days a week to go for a bike ride. To put this in a more simple way, I have learned to outsmart myself. I know that I don’t like to work out and exercise but I also know that I want to live longer than 32 years on this planet. I don’t really enjoy waking up at 6:00. I have found though that if I set my work out clothes out the night before, I am much more likely to actually follow through. After all, I can’t in good conscience “waste” all of that “hard work” of setting my clothes out the night before, can I?

The point is, if you see something about yourself that you want to change, learn to outsmart yourself. You will give yourself a million reasons why you shouldn’t lose the weight, eat healthier or kick the habit. Find the one reason why you should and put your eggs in that basket. You can change! You just need to want it bad enough.

With Expectancy!

With Expectancy!


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