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change it up
Posted: Jun 1, 2010 in Uncategorized | 3 Comments |

I was not a huge hockey fan growing up. When I came down to Fort Myers, some friends of mine took me to my first game. It was a minor league hockey game that was being played by Fort Myers local team the Florida Everblades. I was hooked after the first fight! What an intense game! I can honestly say now after being at a live hockey game that of all the sports I have ever seen in person, hockey by far is the most exciting to watch. There is so much action, expectation, and energy when your team scores or the others teams bully finally gets that check into the boards that they so readily deserve. I have recently renewed my secret love affair with hockey because my hometown Chicago Blackhawks are now 2 wins away from their first Stanley Cup since 1962! We Chicago fans know what it is like to go without a title for a long period of time……..{cough…..cough…….Chicago Cubs…..1908 last world series title…….cough} Before moving to Fort Myers and attending my first game, I had no idea what the rules to hockey were. My only experience with hockey came from the movie the Mighty Ducks. Is there a person alive who didn’t like the movie the Mighty Ducks? Emilio Estevez, Joshua Jackson, the flying V, the knuckle puck? That movie should have won an Oscar for sure! One of the lines from the 2nd Mighty Ducks movie that has stuck with me was the phrase “Change it up.” Change it up is what the coach of a team says when substitutions need to be made. Hockey is a very tiring sport and multiple substitutions are very common. While only 6 players can be on the ice at one time, many hockey teams have between 15-20 players ready for each game.

I got to thinking about the “change it up,” concept while in devotions a few days ago. When I read the Bible, I love reading through the New Living Translation. Most people that read the Bible with any regularity have their translation of choice. Whether it’s NIV, Amplified, King James, New Century Version, etc. A few years ago, a new translation of the Bible was introduced that was called “The Message.” To be truthfully honest with you, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Not that I had anything against the message translation. I just didn’t feel like it suited me. The New Living Translation was what I felt helped the Bible make the most sense to me. I just finished a Bible reading plan in which I read through the Bible in 90 days. I decided that for my next reading plan, I would try to read the the message translation of the Bible. Wow! The Bible has come alive in new ways for me in the past week. Sometimes, you just need to change it up. Switch up your routine, try something new, think out of the box. Often times, we try to be creative to impress a person of the opposite sex yet out devotional lives are bore-fests. Read a different translation. Pray at a different time of the day. Take a walk in the woods. Your relationship with God is the most important thing in your life. Take some time to invest into it and if need be, think about “changing it up.”

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  1. Howard says:

    Good idea. I like that. I will change it up.

  2. paul cameron says:

    so what does it mean when a reply goe??s to mediation

  3. paul cameron says:

    im sorry thats moderation?? can i read my previous replys?? or were they not accepted??

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