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People like a lot of weird things.  Think of the thing that you hate the most in this life and there is probably someone out there who loves it.  There are people out there who love spiders, heights, skunks, Fords, Chevy’s, red meat, vegetables and black jelly beans.  Anything you hate you can rest assured there is somebody out there who loves it.  Moving, however is something that I think all of us would say that we hate.  I have never in my life met someone who loves to move.  They make like the idea of a new start and moving to a new place or a new city but I can promise you they despise the packing part of it.  Think of the worst job in the world.  Port-o-potty cleaner?  Window washer at a high rise?  Garbage man?  Anything having to do with working for the St. Louis Cardinals organization?  Ok that was a cheap shot.  As bad or challenging as any of those jobs may be, I would choose any of them save working for the Cardinals over being a professional mover.  Have you ever helped someone move before that has a ridiculous amount of stuff?  My wife and I are in the process of moving to Cape Coral which means packing up our house in Fort Myers.  I never knew it was possible to have that much stuff in a 1200 foot house!  I guess we really didn’t have all that much stuff that is until my daughter Addison came into the picture. 

There is nothing fun about moving.  From packing to cleaning to loading to unloading and reorganizing, moving is extremely exhausting and seems to take forever.  I guess one good thing about moving is that it forces you to reevaluate why you have the things that you have.  Almost everyone that moves has a yard sale or sells stuff on eBay or at the very least fills up a dumpster full of stuff that at one time you thought you couldn’t live without.  Moving helps us to evaluate what really matters.  It’s a way to take inventory, hit the reset button and start over.

We need to do that in our own personal lives.  Like moving, taking inventory of your life won’t be fun.  You will put off attempting to get started with it.  You will find things that you probably don’t like and need to get rid of.  And you will have the chance to start over.  Every day when the sun rises, it’s God’s way of hitting the reset button.  Yesterday is gone.  Today is here and you can make it into whatever you want.  Although moving is a challenging and sometimes draining process, the end result is almost always worth it.  You are in a new house (at least new to you) that is ready for you and your family to make new memories in.

Take some time today to do an inventory of your life.  Are there things there that don’t belong?  Maybe things you have been holding onto for a long time that you just don’t have room for anymore?  Maybe unforgiveness or a controlling sin or a negative attitude.  Life is too short to hold onto those types of things.  Let them go.  Do a yard sale.  Sell those bad boys on eBay.  Throw them in the trash.  You don’t need to carry those things around anymore.  Jesus promises us that He came to make all things new.  That means that He can make you new.  And the process of making you new starts with moving.  Pack it up, move it out, it’s time for a fresh start.

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