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Tis the season
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Christmas is by far my most favorite time of the year.  I think one of the reasons I love it the most is the expectancy that comes with it.  Kids go to sleep every Christmas eve believing that their dreams are going to come true when they wake up the next morning.  If you grew up in a house like mine, you probably woke up at like 6 am ready to attack the presents under the tree.  Have you ever been so eager about something that you couldn’t sleep the night before?  Maybe you have an important meeting coming up or a vacation for the family or you have to catch an early flight.  You lay there in your bed trying to fall asleep but to no avail.  If you are like me, you fiddle with the alarm clock to make sure that it is set for the right time thus preventing you from being late to your destination.

There is something amazing about expectation.  I think of the feeling that I get before my favorite sports team is getting ready to play or getting ready to compete in a bowling competition.  The adrenaline starts to flow and you feel as if you are doing something you were created to do.  Ok, I know that was pretty dramatic.  For many people, this feeling comes to them at Christmas time.  My mother is one of those people.  She lives for Christmas.  She LOVES to shop and spend time with her kids and make people Christmas dreams come true.  Just as Christmas is her favorite day of the year, the day after Christmas is her least favorite because it means that she has to wait another year to celebrate her most favorite day.  Is Christmas exciting for you?  Maybe you used to be excited about Christmas but because of circumstances that have happened this past year, you find it difficult this time around.

To me, Christmas speaks of hope.  The hope of families coming together.  The hope of people with needs being able to provide for their families.  The hope that maybe next year, things will be a little bit different.  Jesus came to give us hope.  I love the old song that says, “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.”  Maybe this past year has not gone as planned for you.  Maybe this Christmas, the excited feeling that you got is just not there anymore.  Maybe for you, Christmas can’t come and go soon enough.  My challenge to you today is to put your hope in Christ.  He is your provider.  He is your healer.  He is your rock, strength and place of refuge.  He is the lifter of your head and the one in whom you should place your trust.  I hope that you take the opportunity in the midst of the business of this Christmas season to recommit your life to the king of kings.  He is crazy about you!

With Expectancy!



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