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Do you need God?
Posted: Feb 28, 2011 in Uncategorized | 1 Comment |

We as Christians have our own language.  There are certain words or phrases we say that those who are not Christ followers simply don’t understand.  Words or phrases like sanctification, you need to get saved and I have a case of the Holy Ghost goose bumps.  A phrase that many Christians say quite often is the phrase, “I need God to show up.”

That phrase sounds well and good.  I have said it many times and have meant it from the bottom of my heart.  Being a Christ follower is both simple and complicated at the same time.  It is simple because it’s all about grace.  We can’t earn forgiveness.  Christ paid for that on the cross.  All we need to do is ask Jesus to come into our heart and when we do that, the Bible says that He is faithful and just to forgive us from EVERY sin.  Being a Christ follower is complicated when we get into the dying to ourselves portion of Christianity.

Jesus had some pretty harsh words for his disciples in regards to this subject.  If you are a Christ follower today, he was talking just as much to you as he was the disciples when He said in Luke 9:23:

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

What that means in a nutshell is that my life is no longer my own.  Grace is free, but truly following Christ will cost you everything.  Jesus may not speak to your heart tonight to sell everything that you own and give it to some missionary in Uganda.  But what if He does?  Are we so dedicated to serving God that no matter what He asks us to do, we will do it?  I am convinced that a large portion of the Christian population today is not taking up their cross and following Christ as it was intended.  Sure we all have burdens to bear.  The problem is we can’t call paying our bills, getting along with our in-laws, getting yelled at by our boss, dealing with a problem child or paying $3.48 a gallon for gas taking up our cross. Why you may ask?  Because everyone, not just Christ followers have those burdens to bear.

If you want Jesus to have a nice little cozy part of your life that doesn’t cost you a whole lot, you don’t need God to show up in order to accomplish that.  You don’t need God to show up in your life if all you want to get out of Christianity is the sense of feeling better about yourself by showing up to church once a week.  I know that sounds a bit harsh. To be honest, there are people that live those kinds of lives that we will probably see in Heaven.  They asked Christ to forgive them.  They prayed the prayer.  They give.  They serve the church.  But isn’t being a Christ follower supposed to be more than that?  Isn’t it my duty every single day as a follower of Christ to be submitted more to His Lordship instead of my own feelings?

If you dedicate your life to serving Jesus wholeheartedly, you definitely need God to show up for that one.  Why you may ask?  Because you don’t possess the ability to accomplish that by yourself.  Only the Holy Spirit can give you the ability to be more like Christ every day.  I want to be the kind of man that can authentically say “I want to be more like Christ today than I was yesterday.”   And if I want to be more like Christ, that means I need to be less like Corey.  Yes, God has given me a unique personality that he wants to use for His glory.  But He wants to add His super to my very natural to see supernatural things happen.

Just something to think about………

With Expectancy!



One Response to “Do you need God?”

  1. RayRay says:

    Great post PCB! I really like this part…

    ” Only the Holy Spirit can give you the ability to be more like Christ every day.”

    I been trying it on my own for the longest time and boy is it HARD! I guess I need to start asking the Holy Spirit for an assist. Learn something new every day.


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