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First of all, my sincere apologies for my lack of blogging recently.  It recently occurred to me that the last time I blogged was the day before President Reagan said to Mikhail Gorbachev “Tear down this wall.”  I promise to get better at updating with more regularity!

This blog post has nothing to do with the band KISS.  It also has nothing to do with what a man gets to do to his wife upon being announced as husband and wife.  One of the sayings that I try and stick to every week as I prepare a message to speak to our group at West is taken from the acronym k.i.s.s. which stands for keep it simple stupid.  Now I am not an advocate for calling anyone stupid aside from myself of course.

I think we in Christian circles have made being a Christian WAY to complicated.  It is said that Jesus, apart from being an incredible man was also the most gifted teacher to ever walk this Earth.  He was not flamboyant or flashy.  He was practical.  He was simple.  One of the things that you are taught as a communicator is that in general, if your message is not able to be understood by someone with a 3rd grade education level, it will probably be difficult to understand.  Jesus used birds, flowers, and coins.  He drew in the sand, spit in mud and played with fishing nets.  Jesus spent the majority of His time with simple people.  And the message of those simple people transformed the world.  The message of Christianity is very elementary.

We are sinners and need a savior.  Christ came to be that savior for us.  Our message as Christians is to figure out how to tell that story in the simplest, most easy way to understand possible.  I have absolutely nothing against doctorate degrees and learning the original Greek and Hebrew.  I think all of us should endeavor every day to learn more about God and what He wants to teach us on that particular day.  But the BILLIONS of people in the world today who need to hear about the gospel are waiting for someone to explain the gospel to them in a way they can understand.

I am not a rocket scientist.  I don’t have a Master’s degree in theology.  I usually can’t watch jeopardy and get more than one or two questions right.  But I know that Jesus saved me.  I know that He is real.  I know that He is the answer that people are looking for.  I know that He has given me a mission to tell the world about Him.  Following God is very simple.  He told us what to do in His word.  He said we are to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves.  If we in Christian circles would focus on that command, our churches would be exploding.  Maybe the answer we are looking for in churches is not as complicated as some may think.  Let’s keep it simple and make a difference for the kingdom.

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