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Lesson from King Saul
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Those of us who have grown up in church and are fairly familiar with the Bible have heard the story of King Saul before.  Saul was a man from the tribe of Benjamin which was the least of the 12 tribes of Israel.  The Israelites had been complaining to Samuel the prophet pleading with him to ask God, on their behalf, for a king.  All the neighboring countries surrounding the Israelites had kings to rule over them.  Israel wanted to be like everyone else.  When this was brought to God’s attention, it was met with rebuke.  God’s reasons for not wanting Israel to have a king were very simple; He wanted to be their King.  Even though God knew it was in the best interest of the Israelites for them to not have a king, He granted them their request.  God will let us live in our disobedience if that is what we choose.  Why?  Because He has given us free will.

God tells Samuel to go to the land of Benjamin and find a man named Saul who’s father’s name was Kish.  When Samuel Got to Saul’s hometown, he was amazed by the sheer size of the future king.  The Bible says that Saul stood head and shoulders above the rest.  Picture Shaquille O’Neil walking into the back of your church this Sunday morning.  Everyone would know he was there!  When God initially chooses King Saul, it seems to be working out just fine.  Saul is a well respected man.  He was good looking, had good leadership characteristics and seemed to suit the job just fine.  In fact, on top of all of those things, Saul was godly.  Those of us who know how the story ends for Saul may find this fact surprising.  The Bible says that Saul even prophesied during the beginning portions of his reign.

This is where King Saul’s lesson comes in to play.  When Saul was anointed king, there is a very interesting verse  in I Samuel chapter 10.  Remember, it was the Israelites who clamored for a king in the first place.  This was not God’s plan.  He gave into the wishes of the Israelites and anointed a king to grant their request.  Listen to what verses 26-27  have to say about what happened to King Saul just after he arrived home from being anointed king.

“When Saul returned to his home at Gibeah, a group of men whose hearts God had touched went with him. 27But there were some scoundrels who complained, “How can this man save us?” And they scorned him and refused to bring him gifts. But Saul ignored them.”

So God grants the people what they request.  He gives them a king against His wishes.  Many people are excited and follow Saul and are supportive.  But there are some who just absolutely refuse to get on board.  They boycott the gift giving ceremony of the new king.  And what does Saul do about it?  Nothing.  He completely ignores them.  Remember, Saul was good at this point in his life.  The spirit of God was with him.  This was not a group of “godly” people who were boycotting because they followed the current Christian trend of picketing.

There will always be people that want to be critical of you.  They will talk about you, be negative towards you and won’t understand why everyone else doesn’t share their opinion.  So many times, we focus too much on the people that are critical of us and little too little on the ones that are supportive.  Saul made some very bad decisions at points of his life.  This is one that he got right.

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  1. Jeff & Donaji Hicks says:

    This lesson really ministered to both of us. Right at this moment we are both going through an investigation as a result of criminal allegations made by an anonymous caller. We have been thinking too much about what has been said about us, why would this person or persons say such a thing, etc. Even though the investigators said no criminal act was committed by us we are thinking too much about this anonymous person who called about us. It’s time for us to focus on those who support us instead. Thanks Pastor Corey.

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