Grand Opening
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I cannot believe that we are now just 4 days away from the grand opening of our new church location on Del Prado.  There is not enough time in this day to begin to explain all of the ups and downs that have lead us to this moment.  There have been several moments during these last few months that I have felt like a buoy in the water.  There have been countless times during this process that I have had some rather candid conversations with God in regards to the process that have had to endure.  They have gone something like this:

“God, what is going on here?  We are trying to build a church.  Why isn’t this happening any faster?  Why is this costing more than we thought it would?  Why does it seem like we just can’t catch a break?  God, we need you to show up here because we literally don’t know what else to do.”

In a spirit of absolute transparency and honesty with you today, these last few months have been a bit of a challenge.  For the last several weeks, we have been in limbo waiting for clearance to move into this building knowing good and well that we had no back up plan.  Our lease at our previous building had expired.  We were officially, “All in.”

And when it seemed like nothing was going right and everything was a mess, God just simply showed up.  He showed up in a way we least expected.  He showed up at the last moment.  In the bottom of the 9th.  He showed up in a way that only He can.  I have learned a lot of lessons over the course of the last few months.  I have learned that no matter what happens in this life, God is most definitely still in control.  He never promised us that life would be easy.  We will experience loss at times.  We will experience grief, heartache, disappointment and building delays.  But one thing we will never be without is His presence in the middle of our storm.  No matter what your storm is today, trust me when I tell you that even though it may not seem like it now, God is still in control.  He will provide and come through for you.  Don’t quit.  Don’t stop rowing.  Don’t stop believing.

I believe with all of my heart that our church is going to be a rescue station for those far from God in our city.  I’m not sure I have ever been more excited about an upcoming weekend than I am for this one coming up.  As I said this past weekend at our “Sneak Peek,” make sure to bring someone with you to church for our grand opening.  This is a phenomenal way for you to potentially be a part of them meeting Jesus.  I cannot wait to see what God is going to do with this new location.  Thanks for being a part of this.

We’ll see you (and your guests :) ) this weekend on Saturday night at 6:30 or Sunday morning at 9:30 or 11:15.

With Expectancy!


Letter to West Family regarding Del Prado location launch
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Dear West Family,

I hope you had an absolutely wonderful Labor Day weekend with your family and friends.  We truly live in the most blessed country in the world.  These truly are exciting days and our church is getting ready to make a move that we believe will position us to reach more people in Cape Coral which is what it’s all about!

If you missed church this past weekend, I highly recommend logging on to our website ( and listening.  The message was called, “When Life Throws a Curveball.”  We discussed what to do when things in life don’t go according to plan.  The “plan” for us as a church was for us to move in to our new facility on Del Prado this weekend (September 8-9.)  Unfortunately, we have not yet passed our fire inspection without which we cannot get our C/O.  We are feverishly working with the city to help remedy this situation.  We hope and pray these issues get resolved quickly as our lease at our current location on Pine Island Road will have expired after this coming weekend.

Our current plan is as follows.  We will be having church this coming weekend (September 8-9) at our current Pine Island location with service times the same as they have been which are Saturday night at 6:30 and Sunday Morning at 9:30 and 11:00.  After our 11:00 am service is over, we are in need of several people willing to help move the remainder of our supplies out of our current facility into the new one so that a different church can move into the Pine Island Rd. location.

Pending approval from the city, which we believe we will have, our first service at the new building will be September 15-16.  This will be a dedication service for us at West to celebrate what God has done with the opening of our building as well as praying for great things as we “Launch.”  If our building is not ready by the 15-16, we will be having services outside in a tent at the new property.  Our “Grand Opening” weekend will be September 22-23.  This is the weekend we will be inviting as many people in our communities to as possible.  As we go through this process over the course of the next few weeks, there are 3 things you can help us with.

  1. Pray that we have favor with our city and that our remaining inspections would go smoothly
  2. Be willing and ready to volunteer to help us get ready for our services once we receive our C/O as we will likely not have much time to get ready for our weekend service after receiving it
  3. Invite as many people to our opening weekend launch as you possibly can!

Thank you SO MUCH for your flexibility and understanding.  You are the absolute best in the world.  I know the reason we are experiencing a slight delay is because the enemy is trying to do anything he can to get us to lose focus because of how many people are going to find Christ as a result of this launch.  We will keep you updated as we know more.  Stay tuned to our church FB page as well as my blog for more updates.

If you have any questions or we can help in any way, please feel free to call the church at 239.458.0813 or email me at

With Expectancy!

Pastor Corey