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I have heard from several people over the course of the last few weeks how excited they were for the cooler weather to start rolling in.  They have gotten their wish.  I couldn’t believe it this morning when i woke up and it was 50 degrees outside!  Of course, that didn’t last long as it was 80 a few hours later but nevertheless…….the cold weather felt nice.  With the cooler weather rolling in, we have tons of things coming up at West that we want to make sure you are aware of.
1. Every year, we devote an entire weekend to talking about the importance of foreign missions.  Jesus gave us a very clear mandate.  Go into ALL THE WORLD and make disciples.  We take that task very seriously at West.  There are billions of people spread across this planet of ours that have no idea who Jesus is.  We may not be able to physically tell all of them, but we can certainly pray for them as well as financially support those whom God has called to go.  This weekend, we will be hearing from a favorite of ours.  Kurt Holthus is a missionary to the Dominican Republic and is the founder and CEO of Hope International Ministries.  Come hear how God is using Kurt and Debbie to literally transform an entire island!  Whatever you do, don’t miss out this weekend.  Together, we are making a difference all across the globe.
2. For the past several years, West has partnered with Operation Christmas child to send Christmas gifts to needy children all around the world.  This year, we are attempting to fill 500 shoeboxes in order to send to kids who without the shoeboxes, would have nothing to open up this Christmas.  These shoeboxes are being collected this weekend.  If you have signed up to fill a box, please don’t forget to bring it with you.  What a fitting time to collect these boxes!  In more ways than one, you have a chance this weekend at West to literally reach the 4 corners of the globe with the grace of Jesus.  Don’t miss it!
3. Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite times of the year.  I love seeing the trend on Facebook of people using the entire month of November to list a different thing they are thankful for every day.  I believe with all of my heart that the seeds of depression cannot take root in a grateful heart.  We have so much to be grateful for!  I realize, however that Thanksgiving can be a challenging time for many that are dealing with financial difficulty.  Because of that, West is trying to feed 30 needy Cape Coral families this Thanksgiving.  If you would like to help volunteer to provide everything except the turkey for a family of 6 this Thanksgiving, please sign up this weekend at West.  Also, if you have a family you would like to nominate for getting assistance this Thanksgiving, you can do that as well at West this weekend.
4. God is doing some PHENOMENAL things every week at our Saturday night service. We are so proud of all those who have been willing to give up their Sunday morning seat but coming on Saturday’s and joining the Nightshift.  Statistics reveal that most unchurched people are most willing to attend on Sunday mornings.  In order to free up some seats during our Sunday morning services, we are in need of several more families at West who currently attend on Sunday’s to agree to come Saturday nights instead.  This is an incredibly practical way for you to take part in helping us reach our community for Christ!
5. Last but certainly not least, we will be honoring our Veterans at West this weekend in honor of Veterans Day.  We are so proud of all of have served, are currently serving, or is married to someone currently serving.  If you have been in the military in the past or know someone who has served, please do what you can to get them to come to one of our services this weekend.
Can’t wait to see ya on Saturday night at 6:30 or Sunday morning at 9:30 or 11:15
With Expectancy!
Pastor Corey

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