Life Group Weekend
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Hey everybody!

I hope that you and your family are doing well as we continue getting acclimated to a new year with new opportunities.  God has done so many amazing things already in 2013 and we are only 3 weeks in!  We are continuing to see new faces all the time and our attendance has been over 500 for 3 weeks in a row!
Please do whatever you can to make it to our Life Group Weekend at West taking place this Saturday and Sunday.  I will be sharing a message with you about the importance of community and you will have a chance to sign up for one of our life groups after.  We have more group options than we have ever had ranging from home group Bible studies to activity based life groups.  All groups are geared towards helping you meet others at West that can help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.  Don’t be alone in your journey with Christ!  Life is so much better when we live it together with others.
On Sunday, February 10th, we will be starting a Brand new class at West called Foundations.  This will be a 2 week class that will run every other month during our 930 service.  If you are new to West in the last few months, this class is a must.  We will answer questions, share vision and allow you to see and hear about the opportunities for you to get the most out of your relationship with Jesus.  You can sign up for this class on the back of your connection card this weekend!
Next weekend, we will be starting a brand new series called, “Life, Money and Hope.”  To kick this series off, we have a very special guest that will be joining us via video that weekend.  You absolutely do not want to miss out on this.  During this 3 week series, we will be talking about finances in a way that will blow your mind!  Money truly is a powerful thing that can be used for incredible things.  Our focus during this series is to give you some tips to help you become more financially healthy and secure so that you can be freed up to do things with your resources that will make a difference for eternity.  This will be practical, insightful, and even funny!  We hope to see you there.
Even thought this is still a few months away, mark your calendars for March 23-24 which will be our “All Things New” baptism weekend at West.  We are hoping to baptize 50 people this weekend!  If you have never been baptized in water, this is your opportunity.  Baptism is a public way to tell others that you are different as a result of your commitment to Christ.  If you’ve been trying to find a creative way to get your friends or coworkers to church, invite them to come the weekend you get baptized.  It’s a great invitation tool!
Our 2012 giving statements will be put in the mail on Monday.  You should be receiving them by midweek next week.  Thank you for all you did to help us spread the message of the gospel in Cape Coral and around the world this past year.  Because of you, not only were we able to move into a new facility, we were able to see over 100 people give their lives to Christ!  That really is what it’s all about.
I couldn’t be more proud to have the privilege of being your pastor.  I am absolutely pumped about the opportunities that exist for us in 2013.
With Expectancy!
Pastor Corey

Here’s what’s happening at West!
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Hey there West family!

Hope all is well with you.  Are you enjoying the cooler weather yet?  I know we are!  Even thought the weather is cooling down, things are heating up here at West and we wanted to make sure you were “in the loop” as to what is going on.
1. We are in the middle of a series at West called, “First Things First.”  We have been talking about things vital to our goal of making 2013 the best year yet!  We have talked about prayer and what to do when you feel like you are running on empty.  This weekend, we will be talking about growth.  Healthy things grow.  God desires for your relationship with him to be a journey.  What areas of your life need some growth?  We will also be launching a brand new class called, “Foundations,” that we will be telling you about this weekend.  The purpose of Foundations is to help those who have recently committed their life to Christ or are new to West discover what having a relationship with Christ truly looks like and how they can get the most out of their experience at West.
2. January 26-27 will be our “Life Group Weekend,” at West.  Life Group Weekend is going to be an opportunity for you to get signed up for one of our 30+ life groups offered at West.  God designed us for relationships.  So many of our problems today can be traced back to negative influences that we have in our lives.  Some of our Life groups will take place in homes all around Cape Coral.  Some are more activity based.  All are designed to help you connect to other Christ followers which will help your relationship with God grow.  Don’t miss next weekend!
3. On February 2-3, we will be starting a brand new series at West called, “Life, Money & Hope.”  During this series, we will be talking about stewardship and how you and I can balance our financial lives better.  I guarantee that every person reading this email wishes they had more money coming in each month than they currently do.  God’s Word has a GREAT deal to say about money.  This will not be your typical church series on finances.  While giving will certainly be a point of discussion, the main theme will be centered around helping you become financially healthy so that God can filter His blessings through you in a greater way.  Sounds like a win to me!  In addition to this series, we are offering a class called Financial Peace University that is designed to help you get out of debt, save for emergencies and invest for your future.  Find out more info about F.P.U. this weekend at West.
I hope that you enjoy your long weekend.  Don’t forget to ask a few people to come to church with you this weekend.  This could be the weekend that changes their life forever!
Words can’t describe how proud and humbled I am to get the chance to be your pastor.  If there is ever anything that I can do for you or your family, please make sure to contact me anytime.  If I’ve never gotten the chance to meet you personally, make sure to come up and say hello after one of the services this weekend.
With Expectancy!
Pastor Corey

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I really don’t think it’s possible for it to be any nicer outside than it is today.  Absolutely beautiful.  This time of the year is why we all live in Florida.  I hope that you have gotten the opportunity to get outside for a bit these last few days.  As is always the case, we have a bunch of things going on at West over the course of the next week and we wanted to make sure you knew the skinny.

First off, this weekend we will be continuing our “First Things First” series with a message called, “Refilling the Tanks.”  Have you ever found yourself running on empty in life?  It happens to all of us.  Did you know God’s Word speaks about what to do in moments like that?  We are going to be looking at the life of a man in the Bible that found himself running on empty.  What did he do in that situation and how can that help us in our journey?  Come find out this weekend.  The key to a great 2013 for you may be as simple as learning how to rest.  Don’t think you have enough time for more rest?  I beg to differ.  Come find out more this weekend and as always, make sure to bring as many people to church with you as you can.
This Sunday evening, we will be having a meeting at the church for all who are interested in leading a life group at West.  Life groups are absolutely VITAL to our efforts of getting people plugged in once they begin attending West.  We have groups for all interest levels spanning the gap between home groups and activity groups.  I guarantee we have a group for you.  In order to make these groups run, we need leaders and lots of them.  Coming to this meeting doesn’t sign you up for being a leader.  We just want to give you more information.  The meeting starts at 6. It should last for around an hour and we will have pizza for all who come.
As we talked about at West last weekend, prayer is absolutely vital for our relationships with God.  We are on a journey over the course of the next 21 days of devoted time to seeking after God.  We have encouraged you to do your best to fast and pray for the next 3 weeks both for your own needs as well as those of West as a whole.  If you would like to stay connected to us on this journey, text WEST to 313131 for daily updates that get sent out at 3:20 in the afternoon every day.  Also, we will be having a prayer meeting at the church this Monday night at 7 p.m. that will last approximately 1 hour.  Let’s seek after God and see what happens!
I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us in 2013.  I believe it will be the best year yet not only for West, but also for you and your family.  We hope to see you this Saturday night at 6:30 or Sunday morning at 9:30 or 11:15.
With Expectancy!
Pastor Corey

New Year’s Message to West
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Happy New Year everybody!

There is something so amazing about the start of a new year.  It’s fresh.  It’s exciting.  It’s new.  It reminds me so much of the grace that God offers us.  He makes all things new for us when we come to Him to seek relationship.  As the new year has began, we have several things happening at West that we wanted to make sure you are aware of.

Beginning this Monday, West is officially launching a new ministry called “Mom’s Day out.”  This will be an opportunity for moms or dads to drop off your kids at West Monday – Friday starting each day at 8 am and going until 3.  There will be a suggested donation for each day that your child is there.  If you are looking to get back to work but are unsure what to do with our little ones during the day, let us be a part of your solution!  Please see Pastor Matt Francis (our children’s pastor) this weekend for more information.

We are very excited about starting our newest session of Life Groups here at West in just a few weeks.  If you are not currently in a group, you need to be!  Life groups meet throughout the week in various locations around Cape Coral.  Some of them are Bible studies.  Some are activity based.  All of them are focused on building relationships with each other in order to help us grow our relationship with God.  If you are currently a life group leader or are interested in becoming one, please come to a meeting that we will be having at the church on Sunday night, January 12th at 6 pm.  Dinner will be included

We are looking forward to beginning a new series this weekend at West called, “First Things First.”  We will be looking at the subject of prayer and why it is incredibly vital to us.  God desires a relationship with you and prayer is one of the ways God communicates to us.  If you don’t know how to pray, or for whatever reason have had a tough time understanding prayer or establishing a prayer life of your own, this weekend will be VITAL for you.  In addition, our church is going to be participating in a 21 day fast beginning next week to coincide with this series.  I will be explaining this much more in detail this weekend.

We hope to see you this weekend at any one of our 3 weekend services.  Those times are Saturday night at 6:30 or Sunday morning at 9:30 or 11:15.  I truly believe 2013 is going to be the best year we have ever had at West and I am so glad to be able to work together with each of you as we partner together with God to reach the hopeless in our community.

With Expectancy!

Pastor Corey