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New Year’s Message to West
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Happy New Year everybody!

There is something so amazing about the start of a new year.  It’s fresh.  It’s exciting.  It’s new.  It reminds me so much of the grace that God offers us.  He makes all things new for us when we come to Him to seek relationship.  As the new year has began, we have several things happening at West that we wanted to make sure you are aware of.

Beginning this Monday, West is officially launching a new ministry called “Mom’s Day out.”  This will be an opportunity for moms or dads to drop off your kids at West Monday – Friday starting each day at 8 am and going until 3.  There will be a suggested donation for each day that your child is there.  If you are looking to get back to work but are unsure what to do with our little ones during the day, let us be a part of your solution!  Please see Pastor Matt Francis (our children’s pastor) this weekend for more information.

We are very excited about starting our newest session of Life Groups here at West in just a few weeks.  If you are not currently in a group, you need to be!  Life groups meet throughout the week in various locations around Cape Coral.  Some of them are Bible studies.  Some are activity based.  All of them are focused on building relationships with each other in order to help us grow our relationship with God.  If you are currently a life group leader or are interested in becoming one, please come to a meeting that we will be having at the church on Sunday night, January 12th at 6 pm.  Dinner will be included

We are looking forward to beginning a new series this weekend at West called, “First Things First.”  We will be looking at the subject of prayer and why it is incredibly vital to us.  God desires a relationship with you and prayer is one of the ways God communicates to us.  If you don’t know how to pray, or for whatever reason have had a tough time understanding prayer or establishing a prayer life of your own, this weekend will be VITAL for you.  In addition, our church is going to be participating in a 21 day fast beginning next week to coincide with this series.  I will be explaining this much more in detail this weekend.

We hope to see you this weekend at any one of our 3 weekend services.  Those times are Saturday night at 6:30 or Sunday morning at 9:30 or 11:15.  I truly believe 2013 is going to be the best year we have ever had at West and I am so glad to be able to work together with each of you as we partner together with God to reach the hopeless in our community.

With Expectancy!

Pastor Corey

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