What’s going down at West
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Spring is almost in the air!  Can you feel it?  Well probably not.  Living in Southwest Florida, every day feels like spring with the exception of the swamp like muggy summer days but I digress.  Hope all is well with you and your family.

We are gearing up for a HUGE weekend here at West.  First of all, we are continuing our “Love + Works” series this weekend with a message called, “It’s Party Time!”  Seriously…….who doesn’t love a party?  We will be talking about a party that took place in the gospels that changed a community.  Many of you had parties over the course of the last few weeks to help us collect hopefully more than 2,500 food items to be donated to under privileged children in SouthWest Florida.  I believe we will shatter that goal and you can help make that possible.  Please make sure to bring your food donations from your parties or personal collections this weekend when you come to church.  There will be drop off instructions given as soon as you pull up to the property this weekend.  In addition to bringing your food items, don’t forget to bring to church with you all of those who helped make your donation possible.  This will be a great celebration as well as a can’t miss opportunity for you to invite your unchurched friends to West.  This could be the weekend that changes their lives forever!
Baby dedication weekends are some of my most favorite of the year.  We have such a weekend coming up here on March 16, 17th.  If you have a young child that you wish to have dedicated, make sure to either check the back of the connection card or sign up at the visitor kiosk before or after service this weekend.  We will be doing the dedication in each of our 3 weekend services.  This is a great opportunity to not only dedicate your child and ask for God’s blessing on their life, but also a prayer of commissioning for you as a parent.  We know how challenging being a parent can be in our world today.  We want to invite God’s blessing and wisdom into your journey.  This is also another great opportunity to bring some people to church with you to take part in the special day of your child.
Along those same lines, West will be holding our “All things New” baptism celebration weekend on the weekend of April 6-7.  If you are a follower of Christ and have not yet been baptized in water, don’t miss this opportunity.  Baptism is a public way to let people know that your life is no longer the same.  Jesus actually commanded his followers to be baptized as a public confession of faith.  At West, we use these opportunities to celebrate the amazing things that God does in the life’s of people all over our city.  Just like the baby dedication, baptism is another incredible way to invite unchurched family and friends to a church experience.  There is no better argument for the gospel than that of a changed life.  Your baptism service could pave the way for someone close to you meeting Jesus for the first time!  Sign up this weekend on the back of the connection card or at the visitors kiosk.
We are rapidly approaching Easter which is astounding to think about.  On March 30-31, West’s Easter celebration weekend will be entitled “Who is Jesus?”  During Easter weekend, we will discuss the question that begs an answer from all.  Who is Jesus?  Is He just some guy that was able to inspire followers and create conflict with religious leaders or is He more than that?  And if He is more than just “some guy” what does that mean for you and I?  How can Jesus still be relevant 2000 years after the events of His life took place.  We will be discussing these questions and many more this Easter weekend.  All kids in attendance that weekend will get to take part in our massive Easter Egg hunt here on property as well as have the gospel story told to them in a fun and creative way.  I can’t wait to see what God will do at West this Easter season.  Due to anticipated large crowds, West will be adding a 4th worship service for our Easter service.  Those service times will be Saturday night at 6:30.  Sunday morning at 8, 9:30 and 11:15 am.  Bring as many people as you can!!!!!

This weeks volunteer spotlight is on Lanette Elliott, who is one of the nicest people we have the privileged of knowing here at West. Her heart for helping people is inspiring. We love having Lanette on both our hospitality and guest services team who always greets our visitors with a smile. She also helps in our office whenever needed, which is a huge help! Her skills are great, but her character is even greater. We are so blessed to have Lanette on our team of volunteers, thank you Lanette for everything you do!

I can’t wait to see you this weekend. :)

With Expectancy!
Pastor Corey

Life, Money & Hope
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Hey West Family,


I hope you are ready for this because I am going to send a bunch of information your way telling you about all the exciting things that we have going on at West here over the course of the next couple of weeks.


We are continuing our “Life, Money & Hope” series at West this weekend with a message called, “The Fiscal Cliff.”  If you are anything like me, you probably don’t exactly know what the Fiscal Cliff really means and why it was such a big deal in this country for the past month.  This weekend, we will be teaching on finance in a challenging, funny and tense kind of way.  Make sure to bring some friends with you as we discuss the often polarizing, seldom understood topics of politics and finance.


Last weekend at West, we told you about an exciting opportunity we have as a church to partner with other churches and businesses around Lee Country to take part in something called Feeding Southwest Florida.  Feeding Southwest Florida is an organized effort by the churches in our community to raise over 100,000 pounds of food to be used for children all over our city.  The primary benefactors of these foods will be to those who are currently a part of the free and reduced lunch program the school offers.  While this does give children food to eat during the day, they often go home hungry without proper food at their places of residence.   We are asking 50 families at West to consider hosting feeding parties at their homes sometime during the month of February.  It’s simple.  Throw a party.  Ask your friends, neighbors and coworkers to come.  The only stipulation to them coming to your party is for them to bring as many non-perishable food items to the party as the can.


If you cannot throw a party or attend one, you can still help out as an individual by collecting these items over the course of the next month.  We are still in need of 20 familes willing to join Julie and I and throw a feeding party so that children can know the love of God in a practical way all over this city.  Pick up your party back at West this weekend.


Starting this Sunday at West during the 9:30 service, West will be teaching a class called foundations.  Foundations class is geared towards the following groups of people.


1)   those new to West.  This will help you get more out of your experience at West every week.


2)   Those new to faith.  We will teach you what a follower of Christ truly looks like and how that applies to your life today


3)   New Membership.  If you are interested in being a member at West, this class is the next step in that process.


This week’s volunteer spotlight is Andrey Gera.  Andrey is a talented individual with a willing heart who has played a key role in making our large events happen. From behind the scenes construction to late hours cleaning up, Andrey always does the job with excellence.  He always goes above and beyond the standard and we are so thankful for his continued involvement here at West.  Thanks Andrey!


I guess that’s all for now.  Thanks for all you do to partner with us to make a difference in the lives of so many all across our city each and every week.  The future is bright!


With Expectancy!


Pastor Corey